Rick Edwards on style: men’s bags

Buying a bag can be fraught with problems if you’re a man. Here’s Rick’s pick (and not a carrier bag in sight)

The golden rule of the internet is: don’t read below the line. Comments are frequently poisonous. Nevertheless, they are quite entertaining, and very addictive. A recurring sentiment that accompanies these columns when they go online is: HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT WE BUY A NEW COAT WHEN SOME PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD AND/OR DON’T WANT A NEW COAT?

So I’m going to come straight out and say this. If you don’t want or need a new weekend bag, and don’t want to buy one for a male relative for Christmas, then first, you should stop reading immediately because it will send you into a rage, and secondly, relax – I am not going to make you buy a bag. I don’t have that power. Yet.

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