Rick Edwards on style: the white shirt

When it comes to a good wardrobe all-rounder, the simple white shirt can’t be beaten

I went to an Indian wedding recently – a glorious five-day extravaganza. There was a lot of food, dancing, merriment and several hundred outfit changes. I didn’t want to shell out for excess baggage on the flight (this column doesn’t pay that well), so spent a while trying to figure out what bits of clothing could be utilised several times, after a quick rinse in the hotel sink.

There were numerous nuptial events with varying degrees of formality, from black tie all the way to “casual pizza party in 40C heat”. So what is the most dress-up-able or dress-down-able thing in a man’s closet? What is the most versatile item? It should have been obvious. It’s the humble white shirt.

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