Six tips on how to look cool at the beach | Rick Edwards

Sand, sea and sangrias beckon, says Rick Edwards. To look good on your summer holidays, follow these simple rules – and express yourself

I don’t know when exactly, or where, but like everyone else I’m getting my annual urge to fling myself on to some sand. So what do I need to take to the beach? Well, first of all some trunks. Yes, tailored swimshorts look smart but, goddamn, an elasticated waist feels good after a lunchtime paella (“No, I do know it’s for two people, but I will eat both raciones”). There’s a simple method to pick the design of your trunks and it goes like this: is your T-shirt or shirt patterned? If the answer’s yes, then your trunks must be plain. If the answer’s no, go crazy. No pattern is too bold, no colour too garish. Express yourself.

Next up is your top. On holiday is the only time you can justify wearing a vest, but you still need to proceed with caution – you don’t want to look like you’re auditioning for the next series of Love Island. I’ll generally go for a short-sleeved shirt, ideally quite loose-fitting. A plain white linen one will do just fine, or get stuck into the floral trend (remember – only with plain shorts).

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