Why men are going green this fall | Rick Edwards

Whether it’s cord or velvet, there is only one colour to wear this autumn. But keep it muted and don’t wear too much of it at the same time

Last week I did one of my fairly regular can-I-find-any-clothes-to-take-to-the-charity-shop wardrobe overhauls. These are useful because not only do they throw up stuff that I’ve never worn (get rid) but also stuff that I’d forgotten about but would really like to wear again (keep). Having spent the summer roaming free in shorts and relatively loose-fitting light jeans, I’ve been struggling to get back into tighter, darker jeans. Not because I’ve piled on the pounds, thank you – although that doesn’t help – but because I have become accustomed to the comfort. I don’t want to have to pogo  into my trousers. So I was delighted when I rediscovered an old pair of cords. They’re soft, they’re slim but not too slim, and they’re dark green. They almost feel like jogging bottoms. A dream to slide into.

The real boon is that apparently corduroy and the colour green are “key menswear trends” for the autumn. How remarkably prescient of me to have bought these deeply unfashionable olive cords from American Apparel seven years ago. Of course corduroy will always have a lingering association with Open University professors and your grandparents’ settee, but don’t let that deter you.

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